Photo Gallery

Hawaii 1Hawaii 2

Tase Bailey and Wife visiting Frank Bendrick and wife in Hawaii.

Platoon 1016, October 1967

Parris Island

Giger Tiger

Everyone had a graduation picture taken upon completing ITR (Infantry Training Regiment)

C2 July 68

M109 behind me about 18:30

Operation Thor

Just south of Con Thien on operation Thor, 4th of July 1968

Phu Bia, August 1968

Gun facing west towards Troy Mountain

Gun 3, An Hoa, 1969.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

My Gun Crew in the Antenna Valley. Operation Taylor Common

Front: Jerry Weatherford, Ray Eskisen

Middle: Me, Dan Aldridge

Back: Dan Bates, Rick Jones

Not Present: Rick Blair, George Missi

Dickey Daniels and Ray Esckilsen

15 January 1969

Dan Bates

Row 2: George Missy, Rick Blair

Row 3: Al, Jerry Weatherford, Rick Jones, Ray McGee, Paul Mayfield, Ray Eskilsen

In the gun: Dan Aldridge

Antenna Valley, Operation Taylor Common

Ray McGee and Al Preseren

An Hoa, Dec 1968.

Al was with 1/5

Ray Quesnel, Al Preseren, and Ray McGee

In 1/5 HQ, Christmas 1968

Ray Quesnel

1/5 HQ. Great Christmas!

My best friend, Big Al, A 1/5

An Hoa Fire Base 1968

Inside an M109. Standing with the breach open.

Who can forget Chris Noel. We listened to her at night while laying in the bunkers

Bud Isbell (Izzy) sent this picture of an 8" SP. Only the Corps would put a guard bunker under an 8" muzzel

Izzy sent this picture of the ammo dump going up in Dong Ha

Ammo Dump, Dong Ha

Another picture provided by Izzy of the Dong Ha dump going up. Izzy writes he thaught they had been Nuked.

Ammo Dump, Dong Ha

Kilo 4/13 Christmas dinner 1967. Picture by Alex Brio

Kilo 4/13 lined up in Dong Ha for float down to Hue. Aug 1968. Picture by Alex Brio

Kilo 4/13 Arriving Hue City after leaving Dong Ha

Kilo at Gio Lin 1967. Photo by Alex Brio

A few more good men from the 8" Battery at C2. Left Sgt Keith Howard, Ron DeVasto, and Mike Cumming Picture taken 1967

Check out the Short Timers Stick. Left to right: Jose Alveras, Rick Jones, Terry Bracher, and Joe Pizzi

Hard Corps. Joe Pizzi

Another killer from Kilo 4/13. The Liquidator. Joe Pizzi

1967 Marine Corps Birthday at C2, Frank Bendrick, Tase Bailey, and Art Murdock.

Phu Bia

Gun crew of the Undertaker at C2

Don Clagg at C2

The Undertaker at C2. north of Cam Lo, Quang Tri Provence

More of the Undertaker crew

Gun Crew at C2

Crew oustide Gun Crew main living quarters at C2

Undertaker crew at Phu Bia

Dong Ha from out post tower. Picture by Skip Brio

Undertaker, Gun 4 hull down at C2 (photo by Skip Brio)

FDC Bunker at C2. Got to love the no balls target. (photo by Alex (Skip ) Brio.

Building Bunkers at C2 Lto R Cleveland, Alex Brio, Danny B. Richards, and Deliao

From the watch tower at GioLinh. Bud "Izzy" Isbell and Herb Myers

Gio Linh July 1967. Herb Myers

D. Wagner, D. Burkhalter, Joe Pizzi,and Sparky

Photos Joe Pizzi

Paul Mayfield and Rick Jones (Joe Pizzi photos)

Pineapple (Ieho) and Joe Pizzi (Joe's Photo)

Blair and B. Evans (Joe's photo)

Ed Thomas (Joe's photo)

James Schillings (Reds) (Joe's photo)

L to R D. Wagner, Sgt Gafford, Sparky, Paul Mayfield. Phu Bia, 9 yards.

Captain Smith, CO Kilo 4/13

Al Cruz, Rick Jones, Rick Blair, and ray Esckilsen.

Photo given by Ray Esckilsen

Rick Blair ( Photo from Ray Esckilsen)

Jerry Weatherford

Rick Jones, Rick Blair, Ray Esckilsen, Jerry Weatherford

Rick Jones, Rick Blair, George Missy, and Ray Esckilsen

Kilo 4/13 leaving Dong Ha

Don Clagg and me after 41 years.  Rolling Thunder 2009Don Clagg and me after 41 years