This man sold the Eiffel tower twice!

Victor Lustig was 46 years old when he sold Eiffel tower in a confidence game. Not once – but twice. This was not an unknown man. He was one of the most dangerous con man in America at that time. He was someone you’d see in a spy movie. With more than 40 aliases, dozens of fake passports and a web of lies so thick that even today he is a mystery.

Even when he was arrested in 1935 for running a counterfeit bank note fraud which was so big at the time that it would threaten to create doubt in the strength of the American economy. And when he was sentenced to 20 years in Alcatraz, the prison officials called him by one of his aliases, “Robert V. Miller.”

His first victims were none other than the first-class passengers aboard the transatlantic ships. These passengers were newly rich and they didn’t know people like Lustig existic in the world. And when he arrived in the United States at the end of World War I, money was changing hands at a very fast pace. This was the place to be if you were a con man.

And not long after, he was known amongst the detectives. The one major thing that gave him away in the beginning was the massive scar on his left cheekbone which was the mark his love rival left in Paris.

Most people would think that this smooth-talking man must look like a model. 6ft tall, blue eyes, and mouthpiece so smooth that even the most dedicated wives would cheat with him. But that wasn’t the case. At least not all of it.

Lustig was just 5ft 7inches tall and weighed 140 pounds. But he was smooth. So smooth infact that he would avoid the law by smooth-talking the policemen and slip away.